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EC2, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, RedShift, and More!

Data Engineering


Python (Numpy/Pandas/Plotly)

Full Stack Developement




Checkout some of my projects

Web App

DePaul ID Lab Design System

This was a web app that helped bridge the gap between the UI/UX team as well as the Software Engineering team at the DePaul ID Lab. The project consists of HTML, CSS(SASS), and JavaScript(React)

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Web App

Project Management Application

This is a project management application that was created using the Spring Framework built with Java. Other programming languages included were HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. The Project was also deployed to AWS.

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Web App

Weather Web Application

Worked on a web app that pulled data using the Weatherstack and Mapbox API to display real time weather data using html, CSS, and JavaScript (ES6 and Node.js).

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Chat Bot

Python AI Chat Bot

AI chat bot that utilizes a Neural Network in order to autogenerate messages based on what the user sends using the Tensorflow library in Python.

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Block Chain

Example of Block Chain using Java

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Web Scraping

Web Scrapping Zillow using Python(Beautiful Soup)

Web scrapping housing data in Northbrook, IL from Zillow using the Python library Beautiful Soup.

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